Does Viviscal Work?


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You’re starting to lose your hair – there’s nothing you can do. Many people reach a point where their youth is literally falling off the top of their head while they try to cover up their bald spot in any way that they can. The truth is that age often has less to do with hair loss than your actual diet.

Viviscal – professional and extra strength – aims to provide your body with the nutrients it needs for healthy, sustained hair growth.

What does this mean?

  • Your thinning hair will be a thing of the past.
  • Your remaining hair (or what’s left of it) will be thicker and healthier.
  • You’ll regain your lost

And you’re not going to be using a product that has not been tested by thousands of people. Viviscal has been tested time and time again, and you don’t need to do anything silly, like rub a cream or lotion on your head and hope that your hair will magically grow back overnight.

This is a scientifically-proven product, and we’re going to be discussing more about this wonderful way to regrow your hair.

Does Viviscal Work?

The answer to this question should be abundantly clear at this point: yes. This product doesn’t just work – it works extremely well, and fast. The best part? Anyone will be able to afford Viviscal, and we’re going to take a deeper look into this product to try to determine why it is so effective.

The way that your hair grows plays a very important role in your hair loss.

Let’s take a look at this first:

viviscal hair growth

  1. Anagen: The first phase of the growing process. This phase lasts a staggering 2 to 7 years.
  2. Catagen: A transitional phase. This phase lasts about 10 days, and the hair follicles shrink and detach from the papilla.
  3. Telogen: This is what is called the resting phase. This is a three-month phase. Approximately 10% to 20% of your hair is currently in this phase right now. Old hair will be in the resting phase, while new hair will be in the growing phase.
  4. Exogen: During this phase, your old hair will shed, and new hair will grow in its place. You’ll lose up to 150 hairs per day during this phase, and new hair is continually replacing the hair that fell out.

So, why does this all matter?

Viviscal helps to combat the lengthening of the anagen phase. What occurs is that this phase will increase as you age, and since this phase increases, you’ll notice that your hair becomes weaker and thinner over time. Without the right nutrients to maintain normal hair growth, you’ll eventually start shedding more hair than you are replacing.

It’s no wonder that many people start to notice this in their late 30’s or 40’s.

But there’s no denying that some people are lucky and have beautifully thick hair their entire lives. The key? It lies in their diet.


Viviscal Professional vs Viviscal Extra Strength


Two great products, one great manufacturer. You’ll find that there are two different types of products on the market, and you may not know which one to purchase. Let’s take a look at both of these products separately to get a better understanding of why they work.

Viviscal Extra Strength

Viviscal Extra Strength

A fancy name for a product that works wonders. This product includes hair growth supplements, such as:

  • AminoMar: The secret sauce behind this product. This is a clinically-proven complex that is included in all Viviscal products – and you can’t find it anywhere else. This provides the essential nutrients needed to promote hair growth from within.
  • Biotin: This is a vitamin B complex that helps the body metabolize fat, and provides the building blocks for hair structure.
  • Iron: An essential mineral needed to make red blood cells. Iron actually helps carry oxygen to the cells in your body, and this oxygen must be carried to your hair follicles. What you might not have known is that iron deficiency can cause thinning hair.
  • Vitamin C: An antioxidant that allows you to absorb more iron into the blood. Vitamin C, and iron, work together to promote hair growth.

As you can see, these ingredients all work together to provide you with beautiful hair.

But don’t take my word for it: the before & after pictures tell you all that you need to know. If you have concerns, you’ll be happy to know that dermatologists all over the world recommend this product to their patients.

Viviscal Professional

Viviscal Professional

The professional version also includes: AminoMar, Vitamin C and Biotin. But this product also includes:

  • Apple extract powder
  • L-cystine
  • L-methionine

What is not included is iron. With that said, the professional version does offer a high amount of ingredients, and nearly 50% more AminoMar than the company’s other products.

You’ll be required to take two tablets daily, and it is recommended that you take these tablets for 3 to 6 months to see maximum results. It’s a short time to actually begin to experience hair growth again, and the company sells their products in:

  • 60 tablets
  • 120 tablets

I recommend that you buy the 120 tablets option because it will allow you to try the product out for long enough to actually see results.



What Others Are Saying

Okay. You get it. The product works. But what are others actually saying about this product? This is the million-dollar question, and you’ll be surprised by what people are saying:

  • I’m 38, and my hair started thinning. I’m noticing new laser hair growth in just one month.
  • My hairdresser recommended this product, and I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my hair already.
  • I’ve been taking this product for over a year, and I started noticing thicker hair in just three months.
  • I’ve been using this product for two months, and I’m already starting to see progress.

Even those that didn’t leave rave reviews did state that:

  • It’s only been a month, and my stylist says to wait 3 to 6 months to see results.
  • I feel that my hair is healthier, but I haven’t achieved the results I expected yet.
  • I haven’t tried it long enough to tell if it works, but I do know that it’s slowed down my hair loss.

I can bet that all of these people were able to see even better results and turn their reviews into a positive given enough time. It’s not a magical pill, but it is scientifically proven to work. There is no hocus-pocus involved – just science.

Don’t know where to buy Viviscal? Amazon.

You don’t need a Viviscal coupon to get the lowest price. Amazon offers the absolute best price, and the best part? You don’t have to feel awkward about purchasing hair loss products. Amazon always delivers their packages discreetly, and you can order this product right from the comfort of your own home.

No one has to know that you’re losing your hair and that you’re taking steps to prevent it – it’s a little embarrassing.

I’ve been there before. You don’t want to admit that you’re getting older, and that you’re not the immortal Titan that can keep their hair in perfect shape their entire lives. Sometimes, you need a little bit of help to preserve your youth, and Viviscal can provide you with this.

Recommended by hairdressers around the world, Viviscal has the potential to change your life for the better. Forget about Rogaine. It doesn’t work. Forget about other products that make claims, but never tell you their ingredients. They don’t work.

And hiding your hair loss with a hat isn’t fooling anyone.

There is nothing that you can do to combat age, but there’s a lot you can do to combat hair loss.


What Type Of Hair Regrowth Can You Expect?

In just three months, you will notice a visible difference in your hair.

If you are looking to regrow your hair naturally- without oils, dangerous drugs or surgeries, you have not had many strong options to go on. That has changed thanks to Viviscal. Unlike the one off treatments of the past, Viviscal has the advantage of being a complete system, which provides users with a method to nourish their hair from the inside out with the nutritional supplements.



My Personal Viviscal Review


Viviscal reviewI would like to document my experience with Viviscal so that others may make a more informed decision about using the product. I did quite a bit of research before deciding on this product and am excited to begin taking it. I knew I wanted to avoid toxic drugs or snake oil treatments and that led me to research something that worked from the inside out.

It has been about 3 weeks now and I have noticed a huge difference in the texture of my hair. I have curly but fine hair. and my scalp takes beating on a day-to-day basis with styling tools like flat irons, blow dryers and tons of hair spray.

My hair has always been very dry, brittle and breaking off after every shower.

I’m happy to report that only 3 weeks of taking Viviscal the amount of shedding I’ve experienced in my comb has reduced by at least 50%. I usually dry my hair while sitting on edge of tub.

order-nowThere was always a lot of hair to clean out of tub afterward. Today I washed and dried my hair and there were only a few hairs in the tub and almost none in my hairbrush.

That alone makes this a miracle for me!

My scalp is also producing more oils as my hair feels oily 2-3 days after washing. This is a good thing as its the oils which travel down the hair shaft to coat and protect the hair.

From time to time I feel a tingling sensation on the scalp as well. Something must be happening up there!

Viviscal suggests taking the product for no shorter than 6 months, so it is early yet. I am hoping for quite a bit of growth and repair by the summer.

I’m giving it a 4 star rating for the time being as my hair has become more manageable, less is falling out and it seems better conditioned.  I reserve the 5 star rating for growth which I won’t be able to properly judge for another month or so.



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